Who is behind Twin&Chic?


although it was in 2018 when we marketed our first collections. We are an ecological children's fashion brand that produces in Spain and Portugal. In addition to our online store, we sell our designs in the most important multi-brand children's clothing stores in the world.

Founder and Creative Director of Twin & Chic
Erika Gomez Villoslada

Twin & Chic was born almost at the same time as my twins, the result of my failed search when it came to finding matching garments made from sustainable materials that were respectful of their skin and nature. It was then when I discovered this unmet need of many mothers and fathers and created Twin & Chic, a slow children's fashion brand specialized in dressing siblings with a very clear purpose: taking care of their future .


Currently, the fashion industry must meet minimum requirements to be able to market its products. But within this, the use of some chemicals or textile fibers that can be harmful to the skin are not completely excluded from the market. For this reason, the quality seal for skin-healthy garments launched by Twin & Chic seeks to recognize and promote those garments made with the maximum guarantees in terms of materials , design, processes or chemical substances that may cause dermatological problems for consumers.