3 out of 10 children suffer from atopic dermatitis

A problem that has not stopped growing during the last 3 decades. Some allergies occur when children's skin comes into contact with the textile material used in certain items of clothing. At Twin&Chic we have developed a quality seal that certifies garments as skin-healthy by adding variables that were not taken into account until now.

TWIN&CHIC together with
allergists and chemists

We have defined what characteristics a piece of clothing must have to be considered skin-healthy: type of textile, chemicals used and design requirements . This seal, unique in the world , focuses on recognizing and promoting those garments manufactured with the maximum guarantees of exclusion of materials, processes or chemical substances that may cause dermatological problems for consumers.

“Develop the Skinhealthy Clothes standard

has represented a great challenge.

"We have studied all the processes and chemicals that can be applied to clothing and we have detected those that could be aggressive for children's skin." Javier Sardina , partner at Sigillum Knowledge Solutions and professor of Chemistry.

Guarantee of maximum respect for the skin

"make it extendable to
rest of the industry

It is our goal and only those garments with low impact on the health of the skin would achieve it. "Skin Healthy Clothes" is a disruptive concept developed with scientific rigor that will benefit both the health of children and
that of
our planet , since we take care of everything related to logistics and packaging with the same rigor, ” says Erika Gómez, CEO of Twin&Chic.

developed by:

Doctors specialized in allergies from the renowned Clínica Universidad de Navarra hospital (Spain)

Chemists specialized in textiles from the University of Santiago de Compostela (Spain)

Sigillum Knowledge Solutions

Experts in consumer product regulations.