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In these very complicated moments that we are experiencing, at Twin&Chic we want to be a ray of light, a breeze of hope , to be able to dream of those days of outdoor games, to be able to think about summer family gatherings, or those celebrations so specials that we will enjoy again soon.

For now it's time to stay home, and even in these strange times we want to be by your side. We are aware that millions of families around the world face this new situation of having to stay at home, a new and difficult situation for everyone, but especially for our little ones.

For this reason, the Twin&Chic community has shared with us the different ways to have fun at home with our children. Even in this situation , children deserve to be happy, have fun and explore their creativity.

First of all, now more than ever we can help nature. The world is taking a break and in some way it is thanking us. Our little ones can value caring for nature by watering the plants in our gardens, balconies or terraces. This way, despite not being able to play outdoors in their favorite park, they will be able to be close to nature in some way, and what a beautiful way than taking care of it.

We have much more time than before, let's take advantage of it to develop our creativity . A good coloring book will allow your little ones to spend time creating, painting and thus getting a little closer to art. In addition, it is a great exercise for your child to concentrate on their drawing and then be satisfied with what they have created.

Prepare your favorite dish together! Buy the necessary ingredients to spend an afternoon in the kitchen with your little one preparing their signature dish. It will be a very fun time you will spend together.

Play, above all play. These days there is no better attitude than waking up happy, positive and wanting to play. Spend some time with your little one with their favorite toys. Of course, combine hours of play with reading time.


But, above all, be grateful for each day that passes, even the most ordinary ones, and if it is with a smile, all the better!

Do not doubt that hugs, reunions, playing with our friends in the park, bathing in the sea, fresh air, a picnic in the countryside will soon return... The entire Twin&Chic team sends you lots of encouragement and hopes that you are well !

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