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In this first installment of our Sustainability Journal we have an exceptional guest:


Director of Environment of the Provincial Council of Gipuzkoa

We hope you enjoy our first post.

Thank you for being part of the change, together we will work for a better future.

We live in a turbulent time since last March 2020, the COVID pandemic represented a turning point in societies around the world, highlighting the need to transform the economy and society that we knew until now, in a new model of sustainable economic growth in its three elements: the economic, the social and the environmental. An aspect that has been endorsed within the framework of the European green deal or NEWGreenDeal.

It's time to green reconstruction of all sectors , and fashion must also accelerate its transformation quickly, understanding that a new incomparable opportunity is opening up.

We need systemic change as a society as a whole, from design, the textile industry itself and final consumption , and therefore it is time now more than ever to work in public private alliances that allow the necessary means and resources to be available for this transformation and change to occur as quickly as possible, and also in an orderly manner, generating opportunities and benefits for all agents and citizens in general.

" Now is the time ". We have the technical and economic framework for our industries and our designers to continue working in sustainable fashion, with the opportunity that the European framework offers us and with the situation of having a citizens who value these products to a greater extent than in the pre-COVID era .

In Gipuzkoa we have the talent, the entrepreneurial capacity, the design aptitude and a consolidated sustainable textile industry, and therefore we must intensify the work we have been doing in GK Green Fashion , to build a sustainable future for everyone.

For this reason, we will continue working together with all GK Green fashion brands, to show citizens and the final consumer that A responsible and sustainable way of consuming is possible , and to show the environmental, social and economic benefits that it brings to each of us and to the territory in which we live, our choice is sustainable fashion.

Acquiring sustainable fashion is acquiring local, local fashion , valuing our companies, ensuring that our territory grows in a responsible and supportive manner, is valuing the efforts of the entire value chain, is acquiring garments at fair prices and where they are manufactured. and throughout its process social values ​​are respected, it is to environmentally improve the environment where we live, our quality of life and that of all our friends, neighbors and all Gipuzkoan citizens. In short, it is the commitment to live together in a territory with a sustainable, ecological and fair economy for all .

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