Una visita muy especial

A very special visit

One day in 2019, a kind woman called our Atelier to tell us a beautiful story...

I had discovered Twin&Chic after reading an interview with our CEO, Erika Gómez, in the newspaper. She told us that she had been fascinated by our strong sustainable commitment , by the fabrics and by the type of clothing focused on recovering textile techniques that are falling into disuse, such as honeycomb.

We offered her to visit our atelier, and the day she visited us, she brought with her numerous girls' dresses that had belonged to her daughters and that she had carefully kept. They were all unique pieces, made to order and personalized for Begoña and her family. We were fascinated by the detail of each piece, the hours of craftsmanship behind each garment, the meticulous manual work, and the craftsmanship.

"I bring you these jewels so that you can be inspired by them and give them the true value they have." That's how we met Begoña , a fairy godmother for Twin & Chic. And like her, Begoña, we have named one of our most special prints in her honor, since it reinterprets the flowered drawing of one of the dresses she gave us. You can find it, exclusively, at Twin&Chic, and in some of the garments from this Autumn-Winter collection in two tones: blue-green and pink-green.

Season after season, we will honor this legacy by reinterpreting the jewels of Begoña and her family, don't miss them!

Thank you Begoña, for being a source of inspiration and for knowing how to value a job behind which there are many hours and, above all, a lot of love and passion.

Discover all the garments with Begoña print from the Autumn-Winter collection.

Because one of the most sustainable actions we can take is to inherit, we encourage you to join #REPAIRFRIDAYTWINANDCHIC , our free clothing repair service.

Only available for the first 50 applications until November 27!

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