Twin & Chic se une a Surfrider España

Twin & Chic joins Surfrider Spain

'Our oceans are in danger.'

A call to action promoted by Surfrider Spain that has fully permeated our new spring-summer campaign 'By the sea', a small ode to the sea, in which our seas and oceans have not only been a source of inspiration but not a cause to work for every day due to the constant threat they suffer due to the daily actions of human beings and large and small industries, including textiles.

At Twin & Chic we are especially sensitive to this problem thanks to our proximity to the Cantabrian Sea, from our hometown, San Sebastián. It saddens us to find more plastic on our beaches every year when our little ones play on the seashore or when we cool off with a swim in La Concha Bay.
Therefore, WE DO NOT USE PLASTICS. Our product bags are made of paper and are also reusable, our labels are made of cardboard and FSC paper with Arenzana rope and polyester, like all synthetic fibers that emit microplastics when washed, are prohibited at Twin & Chic. Likewise, we have just replaced e-commerce shipping bags, made of recycled plastic, with recycled paper envelopes .
This campaign, so that our impact is even more direct, we have once again signed a collaboration agreement with Surfrider Spain , which works for the protection and conservation of the oceans.

We admire their work and dedication, and that is why, starting this March, 1% of online sales will go to Surfrider Spain.
We want to take this opportunity to thank Surfrider Spain for its much-needed work for our oceans and coasts.

Let's leave our children a better world and educate them to work for the planet .

#futureisforourchildren #wearesurfridereurope

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