Twin & Chic se suma a un Julio Sin Plástico

Twin & Chic joins a Plastic-Free July

At Twin & Chic, we are committed to the sustainability and well-being of our planet. We avoid the use of plastics in all our products, our product bags are made of paper and are reusable, we use FSC cardboard and paper labels, with 100% natural biodegradable strings. Additionally, we prohibit polyester and all synthetic fibers that emit microplastics during washing.

That is why this year we joined the global campaign 'Plastic Free July' promoted by the Plastic Free Foundation , an initiative that invites everyone to spend 31 days without using or consuming single-use plastics.

The goal is simple, but impactful: eliminate the use of single-use plastics throughout the month of July, thus promoting awareness about the use of the material and encouraging people to adopt more sustainable practices.

What small step do you choose this July?

#PlasticFreeJuly #JulioSinPlásico

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