We couldn't start the month of July in a better way than with FIMI , the Madrid International Children's Fashion Fair.

Last Friday, July 5, Spanish children's fashion was the protagonist throughout the weekend in Pavilion 14 of the Madrid fairgrounds. Twin&Chic was very lucky to be among the 200 national and foreign companies that were present at the fair. We exclusively present < Floreale >, the new Spring-Summer 2020 collection.

Next summer's collection was displayed with exquisite decoration thanks to the help of Commetas.

Spring-Summer 2020 Collection - Fabrics without toxic chemicals harmful to the skin.

At 5:00 p.m. the parade took place with the organic line looks, one of our favorite fabrics for summer. Collection after collection we design organic linen sets introducing new features such as the beautiful green organic linen for next summer.

Cala Dress 100% green organic linen / Avenida Shirt 100% green organic linen and Bermuda Long Nice 100% white organic linen / Peonía Dress 100% natural organic linen - Photos of Visteles.

Many thanks to the entire organization team, FIMI and Commetas, to the three models who made it phenomenal, to Cotedumarais for the footwear and to all the professionals from 42 countries who accompanied us on these special days to the 200 brands that participated at the fair.

Until next time!

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