Twin & Chic contribuye con Inspiring Girls

Twin & Chic contributes to Inspiring Girls

Did you know that at 6 years old, girls aspire to the same professional careers as boys? On the other hand, at 7 years old, they succumb to stereotypes and give up on the idea. Therefore, to motivate and inspire girls and adolescents, Inspiring Girls was born.

The Inspiring Girls initiative is focused on increasing the professional ambition of girls as well as their job expectations, especially in less feminized sectors such as STEM. It is about putting school-aged girls in contact with professional women from all sectors, who serve as an example and reference, helping them to make visible the wide variety of professions and jobs that exist without gender being any limitation. These volunteers share their experience with the girls, inspiring them and transmitting values ​​such as effort and perseverance, so that they aim high and can be whatever they want.
At Twin & Chic we want to contribute our grain of sand to this beautiful initiative by donating 3% of all online sales we receive between March 8 and 15 and, in addition, our CEO has volunteered to give talks at different schools of Donostia-San Sebastián.

As you well know, at Twin & Chic we work for the future of our children, and on the occasion of Women's Day we wanted to focus on this beautiful message promoted by the Inspiring Girls foundation: 'Girls, just like boys, They can get the profession they want without gender being an impediment.'

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