One of the most special days for the little ones in the house is approaching: Their first communion.

A day to dream, a day to shine, and why not? A day to continue taking care of the planet while celebrating as a family.

We have launched our first collection of communion dresses made up of four very special looks for girls and a cape that matches all of them. Made of 100% organic linen, they are handmade pieces in Spain, with simple yet elegant lines, incorporating artisanal details that make them authentic luxury pieces.

Our Premium certified organic linen of European origin protects your delicate skin by not allowing harmful toxins in any phase of the production chain.

The dresses that make up the collection have minimalist and timeless designs, so that they can be inherited and resist the passing of fashion. In addition, they are totally versatile garments that can be used on other occasions with minimal retouching.


The HARMONY dress, with a flattering French sleeve with ruffle detail on the cuff and ruffles on the armholes, gives it a modern look.

The dusty pink sash, also made of certified organic linen, gives it a touch of sweetness typical of Twin&Chic. It is made with elaborate folds made by hand.

Lined in certified organic cotton, it has a cotton lace at the bottom, taking maximum care of every detail.

PEACE dress

The PEACE dress features delicate handcrafted Valencienne lace trim on the sleeves and front that add innocent elegance to this certified organic linen dress. In addition, it has elaborate hand-made drawstrings on the front.

The natural-color linen sash and a large bow at the back make it a very special choice for this big day.

CALM dress

CALM, is the feeling conveyed by the freshest dress in our collection. Its short sleeves are perfect for communions on hotter days.

The details with handmade Valencienne lace lace on the sleeves, neck and hem of the dress make it a piece of absolute delicacy. Its certified organic linen sash in powder blue with a bow at the back is the perfect detail to illuminate the face of the protagonist of this big day.

TELMA dress

TELMA is undoubtedly the most bucolic proposal in the collection. Also made of certified organic linen, trapeze cut and a beautiful drape, it adapts to all girls with a very flattering result.

Valencienne lace is the protagonist of this elegant dress: on the neck, on the sleeves and throughout the front. French valencienne made by hand, which gives this dress great elegance and delicacy.

Jane Cape

The perfect complement for all dresses: The JANE cape in certified organic linen in white with an organic linen bow in a choice of 3 colors, natural, powder pink or powder blue.

Easy to put on, it is the ideal alternative to the classic jacket. The delicate and discreet bow matches perfectly with the color of the sash of the chosen dress. It is lined with certified organic cotton in white, and made entirely by hand in Spain.

The collection of dresses specially designed for the First Communion is also made up of proposals for boys, with shirts and shorts in certified organic linen in white, beige, blue and chambray. Timeless garments that the little ones can use later for any summer occasion.

In addition, we offer the possibility that you can give a second life to these garments. You can choose or donate them to the Church so that families with fewer resources can reuse these garments, or send us the garments to make small alterations so that their protagonists can dress them on other occasions.

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