In a few days we welcome the month of May and with it comes good weather, the days get longer, the most incredible sunsets of the year arrive, bathing in the sea, ice cream of your favorite flavor, picnics in the field and…


At Twin&Chic we want to give you some ideas of essential garments, 100% certified organic and made in Spain, that cannot be missing in your little one's closet, as well as ideas for coordinated looks.

As we all know, spring is a little tricky. One day a splendid sun may rise and the next it dawns with a gray and sad sky. For these mid-season days, we recommend some slightly warmer clothes.

Our 100% certified organic cotton Mykonos dress is the ideal garment for this half-season, cool and warm at the same time, thanks to its French sleeve.

Its floral print and ruffles combine perfectly with our favorite baby look: Little Lilac Blouse and pink Garden frog.

Another of the prints that cannot be missing in the closet are gingham checks to achieve that sailor look that we like so much.

The Avenida shirt along with the Sardinia shorts are a sure hit for your child; a comfortable look to enjoy the funniest afternoons that are about to arrive.

You can combine it with many of the garments from our 100% certified organic Vichy collection, here we leave you our choice: Velero dress.

In any case, the sunnier days will arrive very soon. Those days remind us of family gatherings in the garden at home and the desire we have to wear that special summer garment for the first time.

At Twin&Chic we have the coolest and most elegant fabric for these days, our 100% certified organic linen in natural, blue, pink and white tones.

You can not lose this!

Blue Urgull shirt

Bermuda Nice white

Blue Pearl Dress

White Chocolate Shirt

Blue Jasmine Frog

We remind you that 1% of our sales of THE BLUE SUMMER collection will be donated to SFE to help them in their commitment to caring for the planet.

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