¡Premiadas como mejor marca eco de moda infantil!

Awarded as best eco children's fashion brand!

After several months of deliberation by the juries, today the winners of the prestigious Junior Design Awards have finally been announced. The joy has been immense to know that we have been chosen as the best eco children's fashion brand in the "Best Children's Eco Fashion Brand" category!

We are very happy that the juries have valued the Twin&Chic style and the quality of our 100% organic fabrics so positively.

Above all, they have highlighted our effort to create garments that are respectful of both the health of children and the planet, also taking care of style and textile traditions.

Here you can read the final classification of the "Best Children's Eco Fashion Brand" category of the Junior Design Awards 2018, which, by the way, turns 20 this year!

Thank you so much!


About the Junior Design Awards: The Junior Design Awards, organized by the English magazine Junior Magazine, are awards recognized for 20 years for rewarding the style, design and beauty of the best brands for children in different categories such as fashion, travel, toys , lifestyle, decoration, etc.

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