Did you know that linen is the oldest fabric in history? The origin of this fabric dates back to Egypt and it has been cultivated for thousands of years, always with great respect for the environment.

At Twin&Chic we are faithful to this gift of nature, proudly using it in our summer collections and forming the essence of our most iconic garments.

Our linen is made from organic crops in France. The rich soil of this region and the temperate climate of the North Sea, where sun and rain alternate, are ideal for growing a fiber known worldwide for its quality. It is a naturally grown plant, which needs very few chemicals and is processed without using fertilizer and/or pesticide compared to other crops. Thus managing not to use dangerous or harmful chemical substances for the environment or for the skin of our children.

When is flax grown?

At the beginning of spring, flax farmers prepare to return to the fields. They closely follow the changing of the seasons and wait patiently until the time of planting arrives.

From Twin&Chic Our mission is always to choose the most sustainable methods out of respect for our raw materials and that is why we work with farmers, spinners and finishers with a lot of experience and wisdom to create greater added value with the smallest possible ecological footprint.

Collection after collection, we incorporate linen into our designs. White linen and linen in natural tone are the key in our “Essentials” collection, essential and iconic garments for Twin&Chic that are always with us.

In addition, each season we incorporate linen in new colors that delight all of you, such as sky blue linen or soft powder pink linen that you can find in our THE BLUE SUMMER collection.

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