At Twin&Chic we have the privilege of announcing a collaboration that we really wanted to tell you about: we launched a new line of baby blankets with Mantas Ezcaray , a family business and a pioneer in our country for its quality and artisanal production processes.

We tell you!

Ezcaray blankets: family tradition synonymous with quality

Founded in 1930 by Cecilio Valgañón in the Rioja municipality that gives its name to the brand, Mantas Ezcaray is a company that is dedicated to the manufacture of scarves, blankets, foulards, shawls and bags.

The quality of its fabrics and a manufacturing process with traditional methods in which tundidores, master dyers and the hands of the best weavers in the country participate have resulted in a brand consolidated over time, which knew how to weather the years of crisis. carrying the guarantee of the Spain brand with exports to the international market and collaborating with prestigious firms.

A common vision

What made us fall in love with their business philosophy was, without a doubt, their selection of quality materials worked under a handmade manufacturing process and the commitment to continue betting on national manufacturing by maintaining their workshop in Ezcaray, the city that saw the birth of the project just over 90 years ago.

But, not only do we share the commitment to offer quality products ' Made in Spain ', we also share absolute respect for the environment since the issue of sustainability is something that we have very much in mind at Twin & Chic as we have been commenting. in previous posts on this same blog.

For all this, they have numerous recognitions (national and international) that guarantee their commitment and trajectory, such as the Craftsmanship of La Rioja seal and the Trusted Textiles certificate that ensures the absence of toxic substances in their articles. Don't you think it's wonderful?

Also... Do you want to know something interesting? Our founder, Erika Gómez , grew up surrounded by blankets from Ezcaray since her mother is from Rioja. This makes the collaboration between the two even more special.

Our Baby Soft blankets

This is how we decided to collaborate with them, having the security and confidence that we would get a quality product for the little ones in the house . This is the most important thing for us!

Betting on a timeless fabric, these are the two models available:

  • BABY SOFT ECRU BLANKET: An ultra-soft, cream-colored baby blanket made of 100% Australian and extra fine merino wool . Woven in the shape of a honeycomb and measuring 65x100cm, the perfect blanket.

  • BABY SOFT GRAY BLANKET: The same previous model, but this time in blue-gray. Difficult to choose right? Don't you think they are the best for our babies? ♥

About Twin & Chic

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