Nature is for us much more than a place to enjoy. It is that place where we connect with ourselves and where we always find inspiration . In the current collection there is a very special print inspired by a very specific place in the world. Keep reading…

In Twin&Chic We have fantastic Japanese clients. If we combine this with our passion for this country and its vibrant nature, we find the Piya print.

Piya is inspired by a wild Japanese forest and in the wild flowers that live calmly and in peace inside. We are happy to introduce you our Dominique Piya dress, an ideal garment for that time of year that is about to arrive, that moment that is neither winter nor spring, the so-called "half-time."

Why we love it the Dominique Piya dress for the next few months?

  • His floral print It reminds us that spring will not be long in coming.
  • His long sleeve It is perfect for cool days.
  • His certified organic cotton It is super breathable and respects the delicate skin of our little ones.
  • Its print is made using digital printing , one of the most sustainable textile printing techniques that exist.
  • Its details are delicate and unique: mother-of-pearl buttons and velvet bows on the sleeves.
  • His style is very versatile becoming a perfect option both for everyday life and for celebrations and other special moments such as Weddings, Baptisms and Communions!

You can find the Dominique Piya dress 100% Made in Spain in our online store.

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