The most special time of the year has arrived for the little ones in the house, where excitement, magic and (of course!) gifts are the protagonists. To do this, we have prepared this post in which we give you gift ideas. Twin & Chic for this Christmas 2021 . In addition to the fact that our girls and boys look gorgeous, by buying Twin & Chic clothing we take care of their skin, the planet and we support Made in Spain clothing.

Twin & Chic gift ideas for this Christmas 2021


With Christmas just around the corner, surely the little ones have already written their letter to the Three Wise Men but... have they forgotten any essential wishes? That's what we adults are for 🙂 In the Twin & Chic online store you will find clothes for babies, boys and girls of 3 months to 12 years , so they can show off their best looks in those special moments. We start with the special Christmas 2021 selection.

Without a doubt, for us there are two fabrics from the Heritage collection that stand out at this time and they are the velvets and tartans certified organic cotton.

Organic velvet

For us, velvet is synonymous with warmth, comfort, elegance and above all, we love it to show off at family Christmas gatherings! In addition, giving a piece of clothing certified organic velvet It is always something very special, since it can be inherited from generation to generation, in addition to taking care of your skin and the planet.

As a gift idea, we highlight these two dresses, 100% made in Spain. The tip of French artisan lace Valencienne gives it the final touch.

Twin & Chic gift ideas for this Christmas 2021

He Teresa dress: it is made with certified organic velvet with handmade French Valencienne lace trim. In addition, it is lined with organic cotton, for greater softness in contact with the skin and has natural mother-of-pearl buttons on the back.

Twin & Chic gift ideas for this Christmas 2021
Twin & Chic gift ideas for this Christmas 2021

The Jane cape is another very special piece for these dates: a girl's cape made with 100% organic blue velvet with a bow detail in muslin. organic wool . A real gem!

Twin & Chic gift ideas for this Christmas 2021


The tartan print is also another of our favorites, it would be the most casual version of Christmas. It's always a good idea to dress the little ones in this Christmassy print.

The Tartan shirt As a boy, it has a shirt collar made of organic viyela. It is comfortable and warm, so that children can play for hours and hours, and be impeccable!

Twin & Chic gift ideas for this Christmas 2021

We continue selecting garments with a tartan print, such as Marchesa Tartan blouse : made with 100% certified organic cotton viyela and looks ideal with the Garden Tartan frog: a tartan check panty for babies also made of 100% certified organic cotton viyela.

Twin & Chic gift ideas for this Christmas 2021
Twin & Chic gift ideas for this Christmas 2021

Did you like the selection? We hope it has served as inspiration for you and that the little ones wear the Twin & Chic clothes this Christmas! Don't forget to follow us on our instagram .

About Twin & Chic

Twin & Chic is a brand premium children's fashion organic and dermosaludable with 'Made in Spain' production. Our work is artisanal and the timeless character of our garments defines us. We firmly believe that another fashion industry is possible: deeper, conscious, responsible and sustainable. Because the only future that exists is the one we create:


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