Being a sustainable children's fashion brand goes beyond the design and manufacture of garments that are respectful of the environment, people and the skin of our little ones. At Twin&Chic we want to go further, and that is why in each of our actions we put an extra bit of awareness to try to contribute to the care of our planet and achieve our goal: leaving our children a healthier and better planet.

Today we begin a very special collaboration with Surfrider Foundation Europe , a leader in various key areas such as the prevention and study of marine litter and plastic, improving water quality and the health of its users, coastal management and climate change. For more than 30 years, SFE has been protecting, safeguarding and improving the oceans and all the people who benefit from them. It acts daily to fight against damage to the coastal environment and its users. At Twin&Chic, we want to do our bit by helping SFE and contributing alongside them to the care of the oceans.

As? Through our collection SS21 THE BLUE SUMMER , with which we want to pay tribute to all the seas on the planet that are suffering so much from pollution and human activity.

Do you know the best? You can also help in this initiative, since 1% of our sales of THE BLUE SUMMER collection will be donated to SFE to help them in their commitment to caring for the planet.

Your purchase has a positive impact on the planet.

Very soon you will be able to know much more about this collaboration in which we could not be more proud to be a part and in which we want to make you a participant.

Because we believe that another fashion is possible, deeper, more conscious and more sustainable.

To leave our children a better and healthier planet.

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