¿Cómo cuidar el medioambiente desde casa?

How to take care of the environment from home?

At Twin&Chic we believe that another fashion industry is possible: an industry that is responsible for its production processes, people and the planet. For this reason, we are committed to certified organic fabrics and organic agriculture, but... How to take care of the environment from home?

Climate change concerns us all. We leave you a series of daily actions that will make you contribute your grain of sand to the care and conservation of the environment:

  • Do not use plastic wrap or aluminum foil. Instead, use paper or beeswax wrap . It will keep food fresh and you can reuse it. In addition, it is becoming easier to find and its price is very affordable!
  • Do not use liquid gels for hair and body, better solid ones! . This is because solids require less water during their production process and, therefore, will require fewer chemicals and preservatives.

And if you are one of those who prefer liquids.... bet on brands with reusable containers thanks to refill systems! Not without forgetting, then deposit these containers in their correct container. You can recycle from home by separating garbage into three different bags or bins.

  • Make homemade yogurt. It is a very fun way to involve the little ones in the house in this process of re-education towards sustainability! You will only need a yogurt maker, yogurt and milk. The conservation containers will be made of glass and you will be avoiding a disproportionate use of plastic.
  • Always remember to pay the lights when you leave the rooms . and also to correctly close the taps. Yes, it seems obvious, but there are infinite times that one of these two things has happened to us, right? It doesn't cost anything to check and make sure that we leave everything in order when we leave home.
  • Buy organic fruits and vegetables. Be interested in the production processes and their origin. And if you already go with a cloth bag to get them, you will be acting 10/10! Your health and your skin will also thank you.

Remember that children always end up becoming a clear reflection of their parents. We are his mirror and, as such, we must lead by example.

Finally, we would like to tell you the 4Rs of the Twin&Chic family since we always like to say that in this family there is no such thing as throwing away, there is giving away, reusing, repairing or recycling .

Can you think of more ideas to add to the list?

We read you in comments!

About Twin & Chic

Premium organic and skin-healthy children's fashion brand with 'Made in Spain' production. One of our fundamental pillars is the craftsmanship and the timeless character of our garments. We firmly believe that another fashion industry is possible: deeper, more conscious, more responsible and sustainable. Because the only future that exists is the one we create.

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