Capítulo VII. Un desfile de ensueño en el Palacio Miramar de San Sebastián durante la semana de la Moda Sostenible.

Chapter VII. A dream show at the Miramar Palace in San Sebastián during Sustainable Fashion Week.

On November 25 , Twin & Chic debuted on the catwalk and we did it in style because... we paraded in a Palace!

After the fitting and several rehearsals, our little models finally went out to parade through the halls of the Palacio de Miramar in San Sebastian, bringing a smile to the more than 300 people who came to see our show and that of eight other friendly brands (watch the video which we leave you at the end of the post!).

It was the launch of “The Enchanted Forest of Hänsel and Gretel” , our first collection inspired by the traditional tale of the Brothers Grimm: soft autumn colors and organic fabrics to care for children's skin.

Twin & Chic Fairy Dress - San Sebastian Sustainable Fashion Week

Twin & Chic Dragonfly Dress - San Sebastián Sustainable Fashion Week

Brown Shirt by Twin & Chic - San Sebastián Sustainable Fashion Week

Hanzel Shirt by Twin & Chic - San Sebastian Sustainable Fashion Week

Gretel dress by Twin & Chic - San Sebastian Sustainable Fashion Week[

A magical day for the entire Twin & Chic team for being the first time we stepped on a catwalk and in addition to sustainable fashion (congratulations and thanks to GK Green Fashion!), for enjoying with true professionals such as Modfie, Style 4 kids, Irulea Donostia, Zapatería Txirristra and Tocados Oh and for feeling supported by the institutions of our city that are committed to projects like ours: Provincial Council of Guipúzcoa, Donostia Moda and Gipuzkoa de Moda. Thanks to Cristina Maturana for being that invisible hand that always moves everything forward. Thanks to our beautiful models and their parents.

Thank you all from the bottom of my heart, it was an unimaginable premiere.

The Twin & Chic team.

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