Capítulo V. Presentamos "Twin&Chic", moda infantil chic, ética y ecológica.

Chapter V. We present "Twin&Chic", chic, ethical and ecological children's fashion.

Once upon a time there was a mother of twins who was looking for clothes for her little ones in a traditional style, but with a "chic" touch. She didn't like that they were the same dresses, but she did like wearing them in the same style, "coordinated" with each other, however, it was quite difficult for her to find coordinated outfits on the market. Furthermore, working at Impact Hub Donostia , where the Circular Hub team lived, made him question the traditional "linear" model in the fashion industry. After a few months of reflection, she decided to embark on a children's fashion project, but go a little further, and base it on sustainability and circular economy criteria. He called it Twin&Chic, "little slow fashion".

TWIN & CHIC wants to be children's fashion under the following criteria:

Fashion criteria:

  • Traditional, timeless and chic style .
  • Siblings , whether twins, triplets or of different ages, will be able to wear coordinated looks.

Environmental criteria :

  • Use of organic, sustainable materials and renewable resources.
  • Waste reduction and circular economy policies; reuse and repair of materials, recycling of garments.
  • No use of toxic processes.
  • Sustainable packaging .

Social criteria :

  • Respect decent working conditions , and safety and health at work.
  • Fair remuneration for raw material producers. Local production.
  • Solidarity . Support other non-profit initiatives that result in social/environmental benefits; allocate part of the business profit to the development of other social, national and international initiatives, participation in associations to extend the network and be part of the change.
  • Cultural criteria, respect for textile traditions and enhancement of them (smock stitch, embroidery,...).

In spring we created a first look, which we called Wedding, since it was designed with the wedding of one of the partners in this project, Rafa, in mind.

  • Look made of organic linen , with one of the most demanding international certifications in terms of social, environmental and process criteria:

Organic linen dress with certificatePhoto: @ succo13 .

  • This certification assures moms and dads that their little ones are wearing clothes that take care of their skin and prevent allergies, respiratory problems or pimples.

Organic linen takes care of the little ones' skin. Photo: @ succo13 .

  • Artisanal manufacturing in local workshops.
  • Enhancement of textile traditions through the recovery of the "Smock Point" (commonly called "Honey's Nest").

Handmade "Smock" stitch. Photo: @ succo13 .

  • Buttons manufactured with a 3D printer by EGOKITEK , a project that lives in Impact Hub Donostia, with material of plant origin (corn or potato), which can be composted. This material does not require heating the surface where it is printed and that implies very low energy consumption. The buttons are customizable in shape and colors. The buttons for the "WEDDING" look have been expressly made for Twin&Chic and for this look.

Transparent plant filament buttons. Photo: @ succo13 .

  • The flower crown for the girl's look uses natural dried flowers and has been made by hand.

"Miss Margarita Headdresses" crown. Photo: @ succo13 .

  • Use of linen, a natural fiber that is completely compostable after use, to follow circular economy criteria.

Girls are ideal with linen dresses for both special occasions and everyday wear. Photo: @ succo13 .

We are working on a complete collection, which we will present to you very soon, stay tuned!

Thank you very much @ succo13 for collaborating with the project in the photographic production. Thank you @ enmisstrece for the support in the shooting.

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