Capítulo IX: Nuestro viaje a Boston para participar en una de las mayores aceleradoras de startups del mundo.

Chapter IX: Our trip to Boston to participate in one of the largest startup accelerators in the world.

5 days in Boston were enough for us to return with new ideas to apply at Twin&Chic ! But not 5 days of tourism... 5 very interesting days at MassChallenge Boston, one of the most powerful startup accelerators in the world.

We were representing Guipúzcoa invited by the Provincial Council of Bizkaia and that of Guipúzcoa and we participated together with 15 other Basque companies in this 3rd edition of the MassChallengeBiscay program . 5 intense days where we have attended talks with experts in markets, sales and communication , in addition to participating in individual sessions with mentors and investors and having visited relevant points for entrepreneurship in this city.

Thank you for this experience that we will never forget, we return with suitcases loaded with new ideas and many contacts !

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