Capítulo I. ¿Qué esLittle SLOW FASHION?

Chapter I. What isLittle SLOW FASHION?

  • SLOW FASHION : According to the well-known fashion blog " It Fashion ", it is the opposite of “fast fashion”. These are garments produced:
  1. in an environmentally conscious manner;
  2. which was born as an alternative to mass-produced clothing.
  3. In addition, it is characterized by supporting small businesses;
  4. try to reduce clothing consumption;
  5. and all this, using materials manufactured under sustainable criteria (economically, socially, and with respect to the environment).
  • LITTLE SLOW FASHION : Term coined by Twinsecrets. It is about applying the "Slow fashion" way of producing to children's fashion, so that in addition to our little ones looking beautiful, they wear clothes that take care of their skin and take care of the environment.

An example of LITTLE SLOW FASHION is the little dress that illustrates this post. It is handmade by a Donostiarra seamstress , with great care. The cuffs on the front of the dress, buttonholes, and hems are made by hand, and can take around 10 hours of work. The garment is of the highest quality, it is exclusive and unique , and your daughter can wear it, inherit it from your niece, and be used again... In this way, the consumption of resources is reduced.

Can we recover a way of making chic fashion but in an artisanal and responsible way?

...The story of Little SLOW FASHION begins...

In future posts... The name of our commercial brand... More info about responsible fashion... More details about the collection we are preparing...


Photos: succo13.

Help in shooting: enmisstrece

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