Atemporalidad y sostenibilidad

Timelessness and sustainability

When we talk about "sustainability " we are encompassing so many meanings and actions that it is often difficult for us to understand when a garment or brand is sustainable.

Today we tell you one of the keys we have at Twin&Chic to continue growing on our sustainable path.

What does it mean to be a sustainable children's fashion brand? Sustainability is a concept and a commitment that encompasses aspects related to both environmental impact and fair production and respect for the working conditions of workers , among others. In short, being a sustainable children's fashion brand implies having a productive model and a value proposition that is responsible for the environment in which we live.

At T win&Chic we work for each and every one of them, being the fundamental pillars of our reason for being. We carry our commitment to society and the planet in every decision we make as a brand, starting with the conception and design of our collections.

In this initial phase of our collections, one of the keys is our timeless style, which goes beyond a purely aesthetic decision to become a firm commitment to giving longevity to our designs. To design and make timeless garments, we take into account two essential keys:

1.- The design : with a renewed classic style, it makes our garments look sophisticated and current despite trends and fashions. Thanks to this sustainable approach, Twin&Chic garments never lose their essence and validity.

2.- Organic fabrics and high-quality finishes : working with 100% organic fabrics and the best finishes in purely artisanal textile production make our pieces resist the passage of time, maintaining their properties and allowing them to be passed from generation to generation. How much we love the magic of inheriting unique garments!

This is our sustainable commitment to promote a circular economy model, minimizing textile waste and contributing to taking care of the planet that will be the home of our children.

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