5 planes para hacer en familia este verano en San Sebastián

5 plans to do as a family this summer in San Sebastián

That city is neither too big nor too small, with three beaches, an island, two mountains and many corners to discover. Are you coming?

San Sebastián is the birthplace of Twin&Chic and the brand's headquarters. This Spring-Summer collection , "Vacation in San Sebastián", is inspired by our city, a summer resort chosen by many families to enjoy a summer of sun, beach, gastronomy, fun,... We propose five plans to discover this wonderful and chic coastal city with some luxury companions: our organic children's clothing that bears names related to it. Here we go!

1- Guaranteed fun at the Monte Igueldo Amusement Park:

Have you ever ridden a Swiss Mountain? Well, you can do it for the first time at the Monte Igueldo Amusement Park . Located in a privileged place very close to the city center, you can go up by car, on foot or by funicular (we recommend the latter!). It is a different amusement park, with beautiful views of the entire city: laughter, fun and beautiful photos guaranteed.

  • Girl look:
  • Easo butterfly dress - Organic cotton

  • Boy look:
  • Old lavender gingham shirt - Organic cotton
  • Igueldo white organic linen Bermuda shorts . - Organic linen

2- Water activities in La Concha Bay :

Carry your rakes, shovels, buckets, towels and swimsuits because we propose to spend a unique day at the beach. The Bay of Playa de la Concha usually has very calm waters where you can practice fun activities such as paddle surfing or canoeing. On the same beach you can rent the material and make a different beach plan. And how about we go by canoe to Santa Clara Island?

  • Girl look:
  • Aquamarine Sailboat Dress - Organic Cotton

  • Boy look:
  • Urgull aquamarine shirt - Organic cotton
  • Bermuda Garibay chambray - Organic cotton

*This is a coordinated look: Look Mar.

3- Discovering the secrets of Santa Clara Island :

We will arrive at the island's charming pier where we will leave our canoes to go inside and discover its small beach (it only appears at low tide) and its leafy interior. What do you think about going up to the curious lighthouse at the top? Here there are some beautiful fields and perfect tables to sit and rest after the canoe ride.

  • We propose the same coordinated Sea Look!

4 - Cristina Enea, an English park in the middle of the city :

We are going to let ourselves be carried away by its long walks surrounded by grass and towering trees of all kinds. We will visit its well-kept ponds to feed the ducks and go in search of the famous peacocks that roam freely through the park. A view of princes and princesses.

  • Girl look:
  • Pearl butterfly dress - Organic cotton

  • Boy look:
  • Old lavender gingham shirt - Organic cotton
  • Bermuda Igueldo slim white organic linen - Organic linen

*This is a coordinated look: Look Palace.

5- Crossing the old wall of San Sebastián on Mount Urgull : Together with Igueldo, Urgull is the second mountain from which to see the city from a bird's eye view. It preserves the old fortifications that once protected the city from outsiders. We will visit all the viewpoints as we climb until we reach the top of the mountain: the Castillo de la Mota, where the famous Sacred Heart is located, which watches over the city from above.

  • Girl look:
  • Lavender vichy sailboat dress - Organic cotton

  • Boy look:
  • Urgull lavender gingham shirt - Organic cotton
  • Bermuda Igueldo white organic linen - Organic linen

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