'Twin&Chic en PETIT STYLE. Número Marzo-Abril 2023'

'Twin&Chic in PETIT STYLE. March-April 2023 Number

PETIT STYLE magazine, in its 76th edition of March -April 2023, selects some of our most spring-like garments in various sections of the publication.

All our garments are made between Spain and Portugal, with organic fabrics certified by GOTS and complying with the Skin-Helathy Clothes guarantee endorsed by allergists and chemists.

Cover Petit Style - Twin&Chic

TheNavy Section - Chesnut Pant with 100% Organic Linen GOTS

TheNavy Section - Twin&Chic Pants

Ceremony Section - Blue Storogrande Dress . Perfect for 'Special Occasions'

Ceremony Dress. Special Occasions - Twin&Chic

Many thanks to Petit Style!

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