We work with

local workshops

and we respect textile traditions

we keep textile traditions alive

At Twin&Chic we work with local workshops where their labor rights are respected. In addition, we are committed to keeping alive textile traditions that are falling into disuse, such as the smock stitch made in a 100% artisanal way.

our workshops

where our artisans perform different sewing techniques: different types of embroidery and textile crafts, such as honeycomb, Paris stitch or houndstooth . Thanks to their experience, love and expert hands, we create pieces like those that are part of our collections season after season.

MADE IN SPAIN and Portugal

Our goal is to keep alive textile traditions that, if it were not for these artisan hands, would fall into disuse! We are sure that another industry is possible. A more conscious and responsible one, in which both the quality and origin of the raw materials and the manufacturing process of the garments are valued.

Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Article 23 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights regarding equitable and satisfactory remuneration or the provisions of the International Labor Organization ( ILO ), states that “ the legal minimum wage should constitute a key element in policies to eliminate poverty and ensure the needs of working people and their families" .


We are looking for artisans from any corner of Spain who know how to use traditional techniques to make our garments, especially honeycomb, Paris stitch and houndstooth embroidery.

We would like these people to share our values: commitment, experience and passion . We look for those people who know first-hand the 'slow heat' work so that our garments continue to maintain the quality they have demonstrated to date.