¡Twin&Chic cuenta con el certificado GOTS de calidad ecológica y responsabilidad social!

Twin&Chic has the GOTS certificate for ecological quality and social responsibility!

Twin&Chic has the GOTS certificate for ecological quality and social responsibility! Do you know this stamp? We tell you everything you need to know about him below.

GOTS stamp. Twin&Chic

GOTS certification is known worldwide for certifying textile products of organic origin. Organic fibers must be grown without the use of synthetic pesticides, herbicides, insecticides or genetically modified organisms, thus promoting the health of people, the ecosystem and the land.

A GOTS garment does not just indicate that it contains organic fibers. It also speaks of special environmental care during the manufacturing process, the good use and treatment of water, and the use of only approved substances and dyes that do not harm the environment, and of course it also speaks of a high respect for labor rights. and for a responsibility for ethical treatment of all workers in the chain.

A GOTS certified company thereby demonstrates its commitment to quality, respect for the environment and human rights, with the transparency and traceability of its value chain and with collaboration with accredited independent organizations that collaborate in the certification and monitoring of all results and compliance.

GOTS is a guarantee of product health , through the strict controls to which the materials are subjected to avoid any toxic and unwanted chemical residue in the certified fabrics.

Thank you always for betting on an eco-ethical and skin-healthy brand.

About Twin & Chic

Premium organic and skin-healthy children's fashion brand with 'Made in Spain' production. One of our fundamental pillars is the craftsmanship and the timeless character of our garments. We firmly believe that another fashion industry is possible: deeper, more conscious, more responsible and sustainable. Because the only future that exists is the one we create.

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