Being a sustainable children's fashion brand goes beyond designing and making garments that are respectful of the environment, people and the skin of our little ones. In each of our actions, we put extra awareness to try to reduce our ecological footprint.

For this reason, some time ago we started thinking about creating sustainable and biodegradable packaging . That is, a box to send your orders that would have no impact on the planet and that at the same time could be reused in any of its forms (giving it a second use or getting rid of it without generating extra waste).

This is how our Twin&Chic box was born, “zero waste” packaging by not incorporating plastics, glues or inks. The initial idea when conceiving this box was for it to be reusable, elegant and ecological. It is not an easy goal to achieve but, after many tests, we decided:

  • That it was completely foldable and self-assembling to avoid using glues.
  • That the logo was raised to avoid the use of inks.
  • Use recycled paper with strict certifications* that ensure environmental respect.
  • That it was a beautiful, robust and desirable box so that our clients could use it to store their most precious treasures and it would look elegant even as decoration.
  • And, lastly, it should be removable so that it can be stored for later use.

*FSC, Elemental Chlorine Free Guaranteed, ACID FREE, Long-Life (ISO 9706) and Heavy Metal Absence (CE 94/62).

And we also love all the uses you give it!

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