Today we have the pleasure of sharing with you this post about the interview given to us by Joan Fontrodona , professor of Business Ethics and holder of the CaixaBank Chair in Sustainability and Social Impact at the IESE Business School , about 'Fashion, sustainability and ethics'.

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  • The sustainability…

We have become accustomed to seeing how brands use the term 'sustainability', but are they doing it for fashion? or they really carry out sustainable practices in their production processes and in their daily lives.

Joan Fontdrona believes that the reasons that drive businesses to commit to sustainability are very diverse: from a simple positioning strategy to avoiding penalties for bad practices, passing through those whose intentions are authentic .

  • Is 'ethical fashion' possible?

When faced with this question, Fontdrona responds that ethics is a personal issue. It is not something exclusive to the textile /productive sector… we all have to practice by example! It is true, he continues, that the textile industry is very powerful and, for many reasons (production processes, designs, trends...), it has a great speaker from which it can promote a responsible and sustainable industrial model that serves as an example to many other sectors.

If we realize in recent years we have begun to change concepts that we had very much assumed, such as Fast Fashion. by Slow Fashion . We have also heard brands say 'NO' to practices like 'Black Friday' . Something is changing, right?

  • The friendly face of the industry

According to Fontrodona, it is very important that we keep in mind that regulation is what guides the behavior of companies in terms of ethics and sustainability issues. The professor states that 'ethics has a friendly face and a less friendly face'. The least kind would mark the minimum requirements that should be met, this being the beginning of their responsibility...

  • A sea with many boats

Finally, let us not forget that there are many people involved in exciting projects who, with enthusiasm and conviction, support sustainable ethical models and are socially responsible. This good practice is what we should take as an example, says Joan Fontrodona .

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