On behalf of the entire Twin&Chic team we would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and a prosperous 2023! In addition , we would like to leave you with a very special letter: Christmas greetings from

Erika Gómez Villoslada , founder and CEO of Twin.

Dear friends of Twin & Chic,
This year 2022 has not been absent of challenges at a geopolitical and social level. It has been difficult for many families and businesses around the world.
At Twin & Chic, we have worked very hard to move forward as a company, and even grow, motivated by our mission of offering a healthy skin product developed and manufactured under eco-ethical criteria.
After a lot of effort, we have managed to become GOTS certified. as a company, which has strengthened our value proposition.
In 2022 we have opened three corners in El Corte Inglés (Madrid, Pozuelo and Marbella), held a Pop-Up in La Rinascente in Milan (a dream come true), and we have grown commercially in our focus markets (Europe and Japan).
We have just opened a new office in San Sebastián , which has given us new energy (and an inspiring aroma of the sea).
We have increased our team with new and strategic additions that are pushing the brand to another phase as a company, and no longer so much as a start-up.
And we have helped save:
  • 14 thousand tons of water
  • 16 thousand grams of toxic pesticides
  • 658 kilos of synthetic fertilizers
  • More than 4 thousand hours of craftsmanship in honeycomb embroidery in Spain
  • 22 thousand hours of local labor
With our sights set on the January and February wholesale fairs in Florence , Paris and New York, and a new store of our own in Spain, with the aim of becoming BCORP certified and growing in new markets such as the UK, US or Middle East, we face 2023 with all the strength and motivation, to contribute to taking care of the health of our children's skin and leaving them a better future:
Erika Gomez Villoslada
Founder and CEO

About Twin & Chic

Premium organic and skin-healthy children's fashion brand with 'Made in Spain' production. One of our fundamental pillars is the craftsmanship and the timeless character of our garments. We firmly believe that another fashion industry is possible: deeper, more conscious, more responsible and sustainable. Because the only future that exists is the one we create.

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