El Pequeño Reino - Colección Otoño-Invierno 2018 de Twin&Chic

The Little Kingdom - Twin&Chic Fall-Winter 2018 Collection

From one of our workshops in San Sebastián today we want to tell you a story, the story of the new AutumnWinter 2018 collection...

It is the story of The Little Kingdom , a magical world where our little protagonists live: princesses who have fun in their castle and elves who run through the trees of their enchanted forest. Our fun protagonists dress in organic fabrics that take care of their small, magical world while protecting their delicate skin.

The new collection offers us an enchanted world full of possibilities to dress our children this fall and winter: soft velvet in four different colors, delicate winter muslin in two prints to choose from, authentic villela with very college checks , a wonderful blue wool and a very special toasted flannel.

Of course, following the standard set by the house, the collection is 100% Made in Spain, made in our workshops in San Sebastián and Galicia and all the fabrics are organic , carefully selected among the best textiles from organic farming and, a one of the strictest in the world.

We will tell you all the details little by little, one by one, so stay tuned during these days to our networks because we will discover the new Twin&Chic Fall-Winter 2018 collection with you and with the help of our story The Little One Kingdom.


The new Twin&Chic Fall - Winter 2018 collection will be available in our online store starting the week of September 3, we inform you on our social media profiles.

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