September is for us like a new year in which we begin all the preparations for the new Autumn-Winter 2022 season and in which we welcome this stage full of enthusiasm. In this post we tell you all the details, discover the Heritage collection!


This word means much more than inheritance ; For Twin & Chic it is one of our fundamental values: Transmitting a sustainable way of life from generation to generation through our garments, but it is also a commitment to work well done and slowly based on craftsmanship.

The Heritage Collection pays tribute to noble and soft fabrics such as velvet or villelas, all from certified organic origin, with the aim of taking care of the skin of the little ones while taking care of the planet.

Heritage Collection - Twin and Chic

Who is the Heritage collection designed for?

Heritage dresses babies, boys and girls, from 0 to 12 years old with GOTS certified organic fabrics that do not contain toxic chemicals harmful to their skin and offer exceptional quality and durability to cope with the pace of the little ones in the house.

Some of our pieces from the Heritage collection

Heritage is characterized by having timeless lines, fabrics free of mixed fibers that make them recyclable, and prints that remind us of past generations, and that have been made with sustainable techniques certified by GOTS.

As a preview of everything you can find at Heritage, here are some of our favorite pieces:

Mariola soft blouse

If what you are looking for is a special shirt that you can wear on a daily basis, the Mariola blouse It's your garment! Made of certified organic muslin with a floral print in gray tones.

Heritage Collection - Twin and Chic

Heritage Collection - Twin and Chic

Mariola Heritage Blouse

This Mariola Heritage blouse is made of certified organic viyela and an exclusive Twin&Chic print. How would you combine it?

Heritage Collection - Twin and Chic

Heritage Collection - Twin and Chic

Lukas Shirt

This boy's Lukas shirt is made with 100% organic green muslin with a shirt collar, long sleeves and recycled organic buttons.

Heritage Collection - Twin and Chic

And of course, the star of the collection: the Heritage Dress

What can we say about the Heritage Dress? From the moment Begoña brought to our workshop the dress that her daughter wore many years ago, we knew that we had to maintain the design and care with which the original was made, making it one of the most special dresses. It has an exclusive Twin&Chic print and its honeycomb embroidery is handmade with great care in San Sebastián (Basque Country, Spain).

A garment that has more than 50 hours of artisanal work behind it . But not only that, we have taken care of even the smallest detail to turn it into a work of art, a haute couture dress. We incorporated handmade houndstooth and Paris stitch embroidery. Its lining is GOTS organic cotton with cotton lace at the bottom. In short, sustainable and artisanal luxury! One of those special pieces that are inherited from generation to generation.

Heritage Collection - Twin and Chic

Heritage Collection - Twin and Chic

About Twin & Chic

We are a premium organic and skin-healthy children's fashion brand 'Made in Spain'. We are committed to the beautiful and durable craftsmanship and the timeless character of our garments. We firmly believe that another fashion industry is possible: deeper, more conscious, more responsible. Because the only future that exists is the one we create: #FUTUREISFOROURCHILDREN

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