Did you know that Twin&Chic is present in the Asian market? In today's post we will tell you about our international adventure : Get to know 'San Sakae', our first point of sale in Japan.

The beginning of everything

Since we established our first physical point of sale in Irulea (Donostia – San Sebastián) in 2018, our maxim has been to bring the quality of our products to both the local and international markets.

In 2019 we received pleasant news, they wanted 'Twin&Chic' to be part of their history. What a surprise! Even more so when they told us the reasons: The organic origin of the materials we use and the premium quality of our pieces. You can imagine the emotion we felt knowing that all our work was perceived in such a beautiful way from the outside.

And that is when we joined our paths, from that moment on, setting foot in the Asian market for the first time in the history of Twin&Chic.

'San Sakae': a store with a lot of history

'San Sakae Petit' is a Japanese multi-brand store that has been in operation since 1960, the year in which it began selling men's ties and then moved on to adult fashion and finally ended up with children's fashion.

Located on the island of Hyogo , it has a physical store and an online sales channel from which you can purchase our brand's products for girls, boys and babies.

In addition, with them we have organized numerous Pop-Ups with different locations in Takashimaya , one of the most important department stores in the entire country. And how successful they are!

We are very happy to be able to tell you that, in the words of Yuki Itoh , part of the San Sakae team: “ The success of Twin&Chic is impressive! Our clients love the traditional style of the brand and its prints .”

About Twin & Chic

Premium organic and skin-healthy children's fashion brand with 'Made in Spain' production. One of our fundamental pillars is the craftsmanship and the timeless character of our garments. We firmly believe that another fashion industry is possible: deeper, more conscious, more responsible and sustainable. Because the only future that exists is the one we create:


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