Así cuidamos el medio ambiente

This is how we take care of the environment

Today we want to tell you what is the real impact that your purchase at Twin&Chic has on our planet.

Did you know that water is one of the goods most consumed in fashion production? More than 90% of the water used to produce a garment is consumed in the plantation of the textile fiber with which that shirt, dress or pants will later be made.

A conventional (non-organic) cotton garment consumes around 3,000 liters of water . With our organic cotton we have managed to reduce that consumption by half, saving 1,995 tons of water in 2019.

By purchasing one of our organic cotton garments you help the environment since we will be saving about 1,420 liters of water.

A very common practice in textile plantations is the use of toxic pesticides , very harmful both to field workers and to the skin of our children and the health of the planet.

Last year, at Twin&Chic we saved the use of 2,100 grams of toxic pesticides and for each garment we stopped consuming 1.5 grams of this substance that is so harmful to the entire value chain, since our fabric suppliers follow strict criteria that do not allow use of pesticides.

Another of the most common substances in this type of plantations are synthetic fertilizers . At Twin&Chic we are proud to be able to say that, thanks to our certified organic fabrics , for each garment we save 60 grams of synthetic fertilizers , since their use is prohibited in the certified plantations with which we work.

Because we believe that another fashion is possible, deeper, more conscious, more sustainable. To leave our children a better and healthier planet.

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