¿Algodón convencional o algodón orgánico?

Conventional cotton or organic cotton?

Normally, when we hear the words cotton and organic in the same sentence, we assume that it is of better quality, but... Do we really know what the differences are between conventional and organic cotton?

We can see the term natural cotton on many clothing labels, this does not mean that it is organic, nor that it is good for your skin or the environment, since these natural cottons continue to carry pesticides and insecticides, and, consequently, cause damage to the skin. living beings and ecosystems, because they are treated with toxic substances and take decades to degrade.

However, when we talk about organic cotton, the objective of growing this type of cotton is to make optimal and totally sustainable use of natural resources, without the use of pesticides, insecticides or toxic fertilizers. For cotton to be truly organic , that is not enough; when it comes to harvesting it, it is done by hand in a way that avoids chemical herbicides, used to remove the leaves of the plant before harvesting. .

Let us remember that in order for organic cotton fabric to guarantee the absence of toxic chemicals, it is not only necessary that it be grown this way, but that toxic chemical dyes or bleaches are not used when transforming it into thread.

This type of cotton is full of benefits and advantages compared to conventional cotton, because not only will it be of better quality, but also by not using toxic substances we will not have to worry about allergic reactions, or having problems with eczema or skin irritations. those skins with atopic dermatitis.

How can we ensure that cotton is organic?

The GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certification ensures that the fabric contains at least 95% organic fibers.

In order to obtain this certification, it is necessary to meet certain production requirements: environmental requirements, social criteria such as decent work and some technical quality parameters.

In conclusion, the entire production, manufacturing and marketing chain must be consistent with these requirements to be labeled with the GOTS certificate.

At Twin&Chic we work with organic materials certified by GOTS and with trusted suppliers to offer the best fabrics for our children , and take care of their skin, nature and the entire value chain of garments, because #futureisforourchildren .

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