For the Fall-Winter collection, we have been inspired by a well-known children’s story where the main characters are a little princess and a small dwarf, who live in a magic forest.

A wonderful tree is the dwarfs’ home. And the princesses live in a beautiful castle. Warm colors, and warm and nice organic fabrics, like our velvet or wool, will keep our little magical characters warm.

Fun is assured. Will you allow its magic to charm you?


Organic velvets will dress your little ones with the little- kingdom’s colors: Night blue, emerald green, taupe, and burgundy.

Organic wool laces, and silks of non-violent origin put a distinguished touch to the most refined looks. Siblings can wear matching outfits for the most elegant fall and winter occasions.


We enter the magical forest wearing soft and warm G.O.T.S. certified organic villela fabric in traditional plaid.

Dresses and shirts in Garnet plaid, or light red plaid dresses and shirts, matching with organic corduroy trousers.


Delicate winter white muslin with blue or beige plaid for a more relaxed look.

Dresses and shirts with matching patterns, so that you can coordinate matching outfits for the kids.


We go up into our magical castle with this G.O.T.S.- certified wool dress, which ensures the ethical origin of our wool, and that environmental and social policies have been followed appropriately in sheep-breeding, and in wool- tissue processing.

Coordinates with children's shirts to the tone.


We are charmed by this soft and tan flannel dress of organic origin that warms your little princesses.

A very special tan tone, combined with brown velvet laced details.

Forest, Wings, Elf, Holly, Moss, Raspberry, ... all the garments carry names that transport us to the enchanted forest of our story and have been designed to enjoy them at any time of autumn and winter: in a special event, in a snack with friends, at school, ...

* All our garments are designed and made in Spain. Local workshops with many years of experience work in an artisan way in each of the pieces of this collection. We only work with organic fabrics with G.O.T.S certification, one of the most demanding in the world