Merry Xmas by Twin & Chic

Merry Xmas! by Twin & Chic

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Just a step away from celebrating Christmas, we would like to share with you this letter from our founder Erika Gómez Villoslada, Happy Holidays!

Merry Xmas by Twin & Chic


Dear families,

In these special dates, from Twin & Chic we want to send you our best wishes.

Together, we have the responsibility to take care of our girls and boys, and to transmit them solid values, such as respect, both for each other and for Mother Earth.

To this end, at Twin & Chic we are obsessed with offering the best possible product: the most ethical possible, manufactured in Spain; the most ecological possible, working with low environmental impact materials; and most importantly: the healthiest possible product. To this end, for more than a year, we have been working with a team of medical allergists and chemists to create the “Dermohealthy Garment” concept, which we will launch in early 2022.

We are a small company, but we hope to keep growing, so that the positive impact of our brand values will be bigger and bigger.

We work to leave the best possible future for our children. Thank you for helping us.


With love,


Erika Gómez Villoslada
Founder of Twin& Chic


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