Collecting Basque linen

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This week has been very exciting for Twin & Chic,
Part of the team has contributed to the collection of Basque linen!

On Tuesday 14 we went to Fraisoro Eskola, Zizurkil to help collect the Basque flax that they have been growing in their facilities for months.

For us it is a very special project since it is our most precious fabric and the one that is never lacking in our summer collections.

Along with us also participated: Impact Hub, Tknika, Amarenak, Luz Norte Flims, Birte Kurth, Haiku Futon and many more friends.

From Twin & Chic we want to thank you for your collaboration and, especially, Fraisoro Eskola.

Being a sustainable children’s fashion brand goes beyond designing and making garments that are respectful of the environment, people and the skin of our little ones. In each of our actions, we put an extra conscience to try to reduce their ecological footprint.


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