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Welcome Summer!

How we wanted to say this! In summer everything is easier, we are happier, the sun wakes us up every morning and our plan for the day is to play with the sand and refresh ourselves in the water of our favorite beach or read a book in the shade of a tree.

As we know that you like summer as much as we do, we want to celebrate it with you. For this reason, we offer you very special prices during these months, on a wide selection of items.

You can get your favorite 100% organic and sustainable item from Twin & Chic at a price just as special as your summer days.

With which Twin & Chic item do you want to enjoy the best sunsets, walks on the beach or games in the pool with friends?



Our Sotogrande and Perla dresses in 100% certified organic blue linen.



Our Avenida shirt in navy vichy on 100% certified organic cotton.
If you want a MATCHING LOOK… don’t miss our Velero or Capri Dress in the same vichy navy.



Our floral print blouses for the little ones. You can get this Little Lila blouse in two different prints: Lila Print or Garden Print.
In addition, each of them have matching dresses of the same print and 100% certified organic cotton fabric:

Marea Dress, Lila Dress and Mykonos Dress.

Perfect for the sunniest and happiest days of summer.

Remember that 1% of our sales from the THE BLUE SUMMER collection will be donated to SFE to help them in their commitment to caring for the planet.

Your Twin & Chic purchase has a positive impact on the planet.

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