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5 questions to know if a brand is sustainable

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5 questions to know if a brand is sustainable

In today’s post we talk about the 5 questions you need to ask yourself to know if a brand is sustainable. As time goes by, we give more and more importance to the process behind a brand. We are interested as consumers in how the manufacturing process is carried out, where the activity is located, where the raw materials come from and a long etc. of questions that are becoming more and more common in our society and we love it!

How do you know if a brand is sustainable?

5 questions to know if a brand is sustainable

First of all, you have to investigate: their networks, their website, etc. and if it still does not solve all the doubts, ask the brand directly through their social networks! These are, for us, some of the key questions:

1. For the manufacture of their garments do they use low environmental impact materials?

Among the materials with low environmental impact we find fabrics from certified organic agriculture such as organic cotton or organic linen, or regenerated or recycled fabrics.

2. Does the brand or its suppliers have environmental certifications that control the impacts of their activities and their traceability?

We believe with certainty that another type of fashion, much more sustainable, is totally POSSIBLE. Therefore, for a brand to proclaim itself as a ‘Sustainable Brand’ it must have these environmental certifications to ensure sustainability and reduce the impact of its activity on the planet or its suppliers must have them. In Twin & Chic we only work with natural fabrics from certified organic agriculture and that have the G.O.T.S. certification, which ensures that the entire value chain follows processes of social, environmental and health respect.

3. Do you use ecological, recycled and/or reusable packaging?

Another important fact is the packaging used: less plastic or no plastic at all, recycled materials or materials with less environmental impact, and if you allow us as an ideal scenario: zero waste packaging. Our product boxes are made with low environmental impact paper with FSC certificate and do not contain glues or inks; they are also so beautiful that you will keep them for your little ones’ treasures.


4. Does the brand have traceability on its production?

A sustainable brand must have traceability of its production, i.e., know where and under what working conditions its garments are manufactured. And if it is done locally, all the better: this also helps to reduce CO2 emissions. At Twin & Chic we are committed to this type of production. We manufacture all our garments in Spain, in workshops with many years of experience, preserving the textile tradition in our country. We are currently looking for craftswomen who want to collaborate with our project for the most special works such as the honeycomb. Find out more in this article.

5. Solidarity causes?

A sustainable brand is always committed to a better world, but above all a fairer world. One of the basic pillars of a sustainable brand is to allocate a small percentage to a charitable cause. We must take care of the end consumer, the planet and all the people who live on it, as far as possible. In Twin & Chic, we have collaborated with the NGO Surfraider these last months and now we are looking for a partnership to collaborate with another solidarity project, write us if you have any suggestions.

In Twin & Chic we are committed to sustainability in everything related to: certified organic fabrics, from organic farming … And much more! If you want more information about our sustainability section click here. You can also follow us on instagram where we are telling the day to day of the brand and a lot of information on this topic.

5 questions to know if a brand is sustainable

About Twin & Chic

Twin & Chic is a premium brand of organic and dermo-healthy children’s fashion with production ‘Made in Spain’. Our work is handcrafted and the timeless character of our garments defines us. We firmly believe that another fashion industry is possible: deeper, conscious, responsible and sustainable. Because the only future that exists is the one we create:


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